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Create Financial Freedom

Anyone can create financial freedom if they have the right mindset. We will show you how to find your freedom number and make a plan to start reaching that goal.

Accelerate Your Wealth

We will show you how you can use the rules of the successful and famous to accelerate your own wealth!

Identify Money Conditioning

All of us have unconscious conditioning about money. We help you identify yours and overcome it for financial success.

Program Yourself for Financial Success

We answer the “why” and “how” behind how some people are programmed for success and others for failure.

Master The Easiest Money Management System

Money management doesn’t--and shouldn’t--have to be complicated.


“This course was high energy, filled with valuable insights and take-a-way information.In less than two months after the seminar, I had my highest income month in over 4 years! And my monthly commisions are now consistently 20% higher than last year!” Darrell R. USA

“This course is absolutely priceless! I came here feeling like I wasn't good enough and left feeling like I could conquer the world. I am looking forward to returning and bringing my two teenage sons and anyone else who could and would benefit from it. I have a millionaire mind!” Kim T. USA

Benefits include:

  • How to dramatically increase your income using the proven methods of rich and successful people.
  • Participate in highly interactive networking exercises with other professionals and entrepreneurs in your area.
  • Learn 17 strategies to build and protect wealth.
  • Discover passive income opportunities relevant in today's economy.
  • Your Complimentary Premium Package ($995 value) includes:

  • 3 Day Millionaire Mind Experience
  • Upgraded Premium Seating Package
  • Millionaire Mind Experience Workbook (download)*
  • Secrets of the Wealthy 10-CD Audio (download)*
  • Millionaire Mind Home Learning Course Audio (download)*
  • *downloads made available at conclusion of the event.